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Author : Roth Publisher : William Andrew Published Year : 2015 Subject : Management

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Author : Lowndes Publisher : Harper Element Published Year : 2014 Subject : General

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Author : Tolkien Publisher : Harper Collins Published Year : 2013 Subject : Fiction

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Author : Collins Publisher : Collins Cobuild Published Year : 2013 Subject : Electrical Engineering

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Author : Winchester Published Year : 2016 Subject : General

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Campus Book House is based in Indian Institute of Science for the last 30 years.

Campus Book House has been the sole distributor of mainstream and prevailing titles in the field of Science and Technology.


We are not just a store, we are a social hub which feeds on the thirst for knowledge and administers it in the form of books.

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A First Course In Statistics
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Statistical Physics Of Fields
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A Course Of Modern Analysis
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Matrix Analysis
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Astrophysics For Physicists
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